We want to give you some little advice to start prepared and to fully enjoy the experience without unexpected:

  • Before you start, check your starting date of the festival participation: look at the calendar to know where we are in that day and how to join us.
  • Don’t bring with you a luggage too big: every week you will carry it on your own.
  • Don’t forget your equipment, in particular your computer: remember that your first activity will be filming.
  • Pack: towel, sheets, bathing suit… you will enjoy most beautiful Italian beaches! It’s even better if you have also a sleeping bag.
  • Don’t forget your credit card but bring with you some cash too…they will be useful for some daily shopping.
  • A cell phone is always useful, in Italy you can buy SIM cards even only for using internet. It will be also easier to communicate with the festival organization.
  • As you know, we stay in school facilities designated as hostels, it is necessary to respect the place where you stay and to keep it clean since you have to share it with other people.
  • For the food, don’t you worry, we have conventions with bar and diners, also you can arrange with your friends/colleagues for shared groceries at the supermarket.
  • Take part as much as possible to the events of the festival, they will be useful for you to learn more.
  • Bring with you also some medicines, you could wake up one day with a headache.
  • If you can’t stand hearing people snoring. Pack also earplugs.

And finally…

Bring with you many ideas and resilience: get in the game, it will be fun!