How does the attendance specifically work? What is it needed?

We don’t focus on competition, but on collaboration. The aim of CDM is to create an environment in which, who has a bigger knowledge works with who has a smaller one in order to give everybody the opportunity to show his own skills and specialties (screenwriter, specialist, director..). People who join CDM have carried out a work on audiovisuals and cinematography. You need first a passion for cinema; then, you need your professional equipment (computer, camera, etc) because the amazing thing is that each participant will do what he knows and he will work according to his know-how (e.g. the filmmaker will direct, the actor will act and the screenwriter will write the script). Anyway, each one will feel free to put himself out there playing different roles, because we strongly believe that it is possible to freely experiment new roles thanks to the aid of digital technologies (e.g. Does the filmmaker want to act? Of course, he can do it at CinemadaMare)

Can I take part in the Festival in the dates I consider more suitable, or do I have to stay for the whole length?

No. It is not mandatory to take part for the whole length of 80 days. However, in order to ensure you a seat on our coach – means of transport with which we travel across Italy – it would be better to participate for at least 3 weeks, meaning two or three stops of your choice. The reason for this is to ensure a serious attitude to this experience.

How can I reach you? How do I find you?

You can visit our website ( and follow us on our social network profiles (Facebook and Twitter), where we will post the names of schools and addresses where we will be staying. Furthermore, you will be able to find useful phone numbers of members of staff, which you can use at any moment for further details.

Where will we stay during the Festival?

During the festival, we will be hosted by the schools of the hosting towns. You will be given an inflatable bed and a sleeping bag. We suggest you bring a sheet and pillow. All schools are provided with electric sockets and showers.

What costs will I need to incur?

The festival will ensure you a seat on CinemadaMare coach and free accommodation in the school, you will only need to provide for your food and anything else that you will need during your stay at the Festival.

If I don’t have all the necessary equipment to shoot short-films, will I find what I need at the Festival?

Being at its 14th edition, the Festival now hosts over 100 filmmakers/guys from all over the world and each of them brings useful equipment thanks to which you will create proper sets and share it.

If you have a question to submit, please contact us at We will be happy to respond as soon as possible.