Weekly Competition

Every night during the whole week cinema will be free for everybody and will settle in the main square of the town so that people will enjoy it. Movies will be showed at the presence of distinguished national and international guests who will interact with local people.

Our Festival organizes two contests: the Main Competition (where worldwide filmmakers submit their short films) and the Weekly Competition (where filmmakers will play a central role following our tour and making short films each week in different hosting cities).


How to take part in the two contests:

Main Competition: Regulations and Awards

It is the Festival official international contest of short film and documentary film. Participation to the contest is free of charge and if you want to submit your film you need to sign up the Entry Form no later than the 30th of April 2017.

Maximum lenght of short film must be 25 minutes.

You can submit your film in two ways:

  • on DVD to CinemadaMare address:
    Associazione culturale CinemadaMare
    Via Decimo Laberio 11
    00136 Roma(please write on the package the following reference: “Senza valore commerciale. Solo per scopi culturali”)
  • by uploading your film on Vimeo or WeTransfer and sending your login data along with the download link to selezione@cinemadamare.it
  • by uploading your film on Moviebeta



Every night the public in the hosting city’s main square watch the short films in competition and cast their vote for them in order to declare the winner. The selected films, night after night, will have access to the semi-final phase and then to the final one.

The winner of the Main Competition, chosen by the people’s jury, will be given the Gold Epeo award. During the last night of the Festival a jury composed by experts will give to the finalist filmmakers the awards for the following categories:

  • Best Director
  • Best Actor
  • Best Screenplay
  • Best Photography
  • Best Film Editing
  • Best Original Song

Weekly Competition : Regulations and Awards  

It is the weekly competition open to all filmmakers who take part in the Festival: it is the real core of CinemadaMare! It takes place on the last night in the hosting city.

During each stop of the Festival filmmakers are engaged in making short films: they are gathered in international crews and get local people involved in the shooting and production.

Only films that meet the following conditions may be admitted to the Weekly Competition:

  • films that have been produced by the CinemadaMare enrolled participants
  • films of 10 minutes maximum
  • films that have been submitted within the time prescribed by the Festival regulations.
  • At the beginning of each stop our team organizes a reunion with the filmmakers where production guidelines and projections’ schedule are specified.

About Weekly Competition:

  • The Festival manager chooses the winning film of the Weekly Competition. The award (Best Film) may be given to equitable films.
  • The team appointed by the manager gives the special awards for each category.
  • The awards are given during the Weekly Competition night.

For both competitions CinemadaMare stages an open-air play that all people can enjoy.