Typical day

The filmmaker typical day at the Festival is composed by several activities, divided as follows:

  • at the beginning of each stop/week,10 a.m.: PRODUCTION MEETING: general discussion with all filmmakers about the number of film to shoot during the related week and about the various production necessities for each film.
  • the main activity of the whole day (that may takes place overnight also) is about FILMMAKING: each week the 100 directors hosted simultaneously (who may reach the number of 300 because CinemadaMare lasts two-and-an-half-months), shoot a film that the last night of each stop is screened in the context of the Weekly Competition. At the beginning of each week we start over again, and so on for 12 times (CinemadaMare lasts 12 weeks).
  • Twice a week, at 11 a.m., WORKSHOP AND MASTERLCASS held by international cinema professionals. Here are the names of our special guests over the last years: Wim Wenders, Ken Loach, Giuseppe Tornatore, Amos Gitai, Paolo Sorrentino, Margarethe Von Trotta, Marco Bellocchio, Krisztof Zanussi, Mohsen Makhamalbaf and many other.

  • 9 p.m. OPEN-AIR CINEMA: every night of each week for 12 weeks (80 days and 80 nights totalling) CinemadaMare gives everybody (not only our filmmakers but also the public) the opportunity to watch free professional movies and extra video clips in the presence of special guests.Last night in the hosting city, 9 p.m: WEEKLY COMPETITION (one each week for an amount of 12 weeks). During this night we screen all movies (about 20) made by our 100 filmmakers over that week. At the end the Awards Ceremony takes place. The day after we leave for a new week and a new stop where the planning mentioned above will be put in place again.