1. Joining CinemadaMare (CdM) is FREE OF CHARGE. There are no registration fees, joining fees, accommodation fees or transfer fees with CdM; the filmmakers just have to provide for their own meals.
  2. We host for free filmmakers from all over the world (directors, actors, scriptwriters, sound technicians, DoPs, executive producers, editors, make-up artists, etc.).
  3. Every year we host for free for the entire festival about 300 filmmakers from more than 60 Countries from all the continents (max. 100 at the same time).
  4. CinemadaMare is the biggest gathering of young filmmaker in the world, an international travelling campus.
  5. CdM is a travelling event which takes place in Italy and it’s now at its 15th
  6. It is the longest travel for cinema… 5,200 Km in 12 weeks.
  7. 12 weeks and 12 stops, from 25th June to 9th September 2017.
  8. It starts in Rome in June and ends in Venice in September, during the Venice Film Festival.
  9. The filmmakers shoot their films during the tour every week, max. 10 minutes. Every week there is a competition with winners and prizes.
  10. Every week there are workshops and masterclasses.
  11. CinemadaMare has agreements and partnerships with several film schools and universities around the world.
  12. The participant filmmakers can win a scholarship to attend for free some courses in film school and universities from all over the world.