Find out more about free participation

In order to benefit from the accomodation package participants have to ensure their presence at the Festival from a minimum of 3 weeks to a maximum of two-and-an-half-months, from June to September. Attendance is free and open to all cinema professionals (director, actor, sound technician, editor, producer, scriptwriter, set designer).

Our accomodation package includes:

  • Free application (no registration fee is requested)
  • Free overnight stay in schools or hostels (we make sure each filmmaker has his or her own an air mattres which has to be taken back at the end of the Festival). Meals are not included
  • Free travels from one stop to another on CinemadaMare bus
  • Free travels such as guided tours or conferences (wether they are scheduled).
  • Participation to all Festival educational activities (workshops, masterclasses)

During the Festival, filmmakers has the opportunity to:

  • Shoot 10-minute-maximum movie every week
  • Take part in lectures about cinema and workshops given by the greatest international film directors
  • Stay and work with filmmakers from countries all over the world
  • Shoot movies in inspiring and historical Italian locations

If you want to apply or to be there during the Festival you need to complete the Entry Form.

Our accomodation gives you the chance to make an extraordinary experience: you will be naturally involved in a community living and working closely. It is about a great sharing of work, artistic imagination and daily activities (eating, travelling, sleeping). It also brings about a continuing sharing of ideas and opinions in order to enhance linguistic and cultural exchange.