The Weekly Competition is addressed to all the filmmakers that participate to the Campus: it is the core part of CinemadaMare and takes place the last evening of the week spent in each city, usually in the weekend.

All the filmmakers that participate to CinemadaMare take part in the Weekly Competition as each week they will have to realise films together with their collegues coming from all over the world, forming international crews and involving the local filmmakers in films’ shooting and production, letting them cover various roles: extras, actors, assistants director etc.
In all those years, CinemadaMare has produced more than 1200 films, flanking the filmmakers in all the production phases, acting as a bridge to let them get in touch with local communities.

At the very beginning of each week, the staff arranges the production meeting and comunicates the guidelines, that the troupes will have to follow to produce movies, and the day of the final screening.

Films admitted to the Weekly Competition must have been realized by CinemadaMare’s registered filmmakers, must have been shot in the ongoing stop-over, must last at least 12 minutes (intro and interview excluded-they will be consigned by the staff) and be delivered according to the deadlines specified in the regulation, usually the day of the Weekly, within 6pm.

Weekly Competition screenings are free, as all CinemadaMare’s activities, and they are presented by the Director and the staff, together with short movies’ directors and cast (artistic and technical).

Hundreds of people, among locals, filmmakers and cinema experts, participate to the screenings enthusiastically, admiring the works of young authors able to promote film tourism: indeed, those living in the cities that host CinemadaMare are able to recognise the most famous glimpses of their cities, that are enhanced in the various short movies. These films are at the municipal authority’s disposal in order to be used as advertising spots or any other promotional and touristic purpose.

In the same way, filmmakers that have realized these films at CinemadaMare, submit them to different festivals all over the world and that gives them the chance to spread their short movies internationally. In this way, people around the world start to know some Italian landscapes, often unknown to foreigns.

Filmmakers themselves proclaim the film who wins and they make that decision completing the ballots distributed by the staff. In this way, they assign the following prizes, according to their preferencies:


  • Best Director
  • Best Actor/Actress
  • Best Screenplay
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Editing
  • Best Original Score