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Dates of participation The period of participation must be between 14 of June 2021 and 9 of September 2021.
(You can stay the whole period, please indicate from 14 of June to 9 of September or for a period not less than three weeks, and even here you must indicate the day of departure and arrival).
I hereby declare that I have taken note that, as specified by your regulation, all other expenses excluding the bed and the partial reimbursement of expenses will be completely at my expense.
In compliance with art. 10 Section 675/96 of 31/12/96 with the Privacy Act, all data contained in this form will be used exclusively by the Festival Cinemadamare and initiatives connected with it and will not be disclosed to any third party without the express permission concerned. The right to the processing of data is Cinemadamare.
I have read and understood in all its parts, and then to accept the Rules of Cinemadamare, to keep a complete copy, downloaded from
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