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Abruzzo – Il Messaggero – 1st July 2015

CinemadaMare, a night with Purgatori

The screening of the films in competiton for the Venice Film Festival will go on until Friday night, whereas tonight’s special guest on the stage of Piazza Adriatico is  Andrea Purgatori, screenwriter of the film ‘L’industriale’ di Giuliano Montaldo, that is being screened tonight.


Basilicata – Il Quotidiano del Sud – 1st August 2015

The advice of Jo Champa to the young filmmakers of CinemadaMare

The adventure of CinemadaMare continues among the most evocative streets and corners of Maratea, joining the ‘Rassegna del Cinema’. A delegation of participants of CinemadaMare, together with the director Franco Rina, met the italo-american actress Jo Champa, who arrived in Basilicata directly from Los Angeles.


La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno – 18th August 2015

The New Yorker director Abel Ferrara held a masterclass at CinemadaMare Festival

During his class, Ferrara said that “CinemadaMare is great, and it is great that people from all over the world meet here to make films. And it’s even greater if people meet in beautiful places such as Nova Siri. This is my first time at CinemadaMare and I got surpised by the festival and the town. This festival represents a platform to exchange ideas, because you come here to show your film and to watch films made by other young people, and this is the good thing of every festival: festivals help you to broaden  your horizons and overcome your fears”.


Vercelli – La Stampa – 29th August 2015

“Our home has turned into a film set”

I was very curious about the CinemadaMare phenomenon – says Sabrina from Vercelli – and after I realised what that was about I asked myself: why don’t open my home to the directors? It’s a rare oppurtunity and with no doubt a new experience as it is difficult that a citizen has the possibility to turn his home into a film set”.