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Il Quotidiano del Sud – 2nd July 2014

The international carovan of  filmmakers goes from Civitavecchia to Basilicata

The opening night of the 2014 edition took place on a boat between up-and-coming directors and celebrities

Many guests and friends with CinemadaMare  have come and given their contribution, starting from the actor Pino Quartullo: “It’s a pleasure for me to be here at CinemadaMare. I’d like to say something to the guys here: short films are works of art, there is no such freedom as you make long films”.

Il Quotidiano di Latina – 8th July 2014

Young filmmakers from all over the world in action in Terracina

Terracina turns into a film set

From yesterday till the 12th of July, the participants (last year they were 224) will make their films in Terracina, inspired by the place where they are. The views, the alleys become the natural set for their scenes. If they win the competition they can have their films projected at the Venice Film Festival.

La Nuova del Sud – 25th August 2014

Gerini, Cucinotta, Placido, Bocci together with the director Muccino and the screenwriter Veronesi

A real film set took place in Maratea from the 18th to the 24th of August, thanks to the “Film Week” organized by the municipality of Maratea together with CinemadaMare, and in collaboration with the ‘Lucana Film Commission”.

In the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea filmmakers produce 35 films in seven days.

La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno – 7th September 2014

The twelfth edition ended in Venice

CinemadaMare: young directors award Hungry Hearts by giving Saverio Costanzo the “LeonedaMare”.

“We have chosen Costanzo’s film – said the young filmmakers in the jury -because we regard it as a complete work, both from the point of view of the subject (the film is about pollution, environment and social issues, a young family dealing with their first child) and from the artistic and technical point of view (excellent photography, great interpretation and very good direction)”.