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Basilicata – Il Quotidiano del Sud – 1st August 2012

CinemadaMare caravan has arrived. Vincenzo Mollica opens the stop of the festival in Basilicata in Guardia Perticara.

190 films from 30 different nationalities, 172 young directors from 35 different countries, 73 dates across the north and the south of the country. This is ‘CinemadaMare, the biggest gathering of young directors in the world that is stopping in Guardia Perticara, from the 1st to the 6th of August.

<<It’s an inclusive festival>>, says Franco Rina. It overcomes the provincialisms and geographic and cultural boundaries thanks to the presence of young filmmakers coming from all over the world. This <<cultural influence >> is the film festival greatest asset, according to Franco Rina.

Il Sannio Quotidiano – 9th August 2012

At the end of the conference we met Krzystof Zanussi that, in perfect italian, said: “I’ve known CinemadaMare for years and I like it because it’s an innovative and futuristic project. Filmmaker’s career is very specific but it’s different from the medical and law career because artists are not guaranteed a place in society. They have to make a huge effort to persuade society it’s worth investing in them in order to give them the chance to unveil their fantasies. This is a very hard work and young people need help to do it. We all need art and beauty to widen our perspective of the world. Daily perspective, without art, is as wide as a mouse’s point of view.

La Nuova del Sud – 20th August 2012

All the films made by young filmmakers will be projected here in Nova Siri tonight. Some of them were made while respecting the multicultural spirit of the festival, that is with the collaboration of many artists who met and discussed before finding the affinities for a common project. Actors, directors and editors joined their forces and professionalities and got the local inhabitants involved, who participated as actors and extras and made available their homes. An active competion that involved many film lovers who invaded the streets of the municipality of Jonico, turning it into a natural setting.